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04-30-2016, 08:56 AM
I'm looking to buy a vintage receiver to run with my 030 system, how many watts do I need, and what else should I look for? Some of the amps have specs for damping factors, and I don't know if I need a high or low damping factor, or does it really matter. I'm running a Hafler DH200 which is 100 watts, and at half volume it is as loud as I'll ever need. As far as sound goes, I think it sounds great with my Hafler. At least it does to my ears.

I was thinking of getting a Mcintosh 4100, but they usually go for a lot of money, and I can't find one locally. There are a few lower end Marantz receivers for sale in my area, one is a 2226B. I'm not sure if that will have enough power?

I tried to search, but I three letter words can't be searched here.

Mr. Widget
04-30-2016, 11:10 AM
The 030 is about as efficient a system as JBL has ever made. It will put out over 100dB with 1 watt input at a meter. Any amp will be fine. That said, realize this system is fairly limited in the lowest registers and boosting this range with a "loudness contour" or EQ will burn through a lot of power and eat up your maximum output level.

Here is some info on the 030. There is much more in the Library.


Be aware that the sensitivity rating in that catalog used a measurement scheme unique to JBL at that time.


05-01-2016, 05:48 AM
Thank, any of the music that I listen to does not have a lot of base.

05-01-2016, 07:21 AM
I've owned 030s for nearly all my life. They've been in my home since I was 5-years old. The original was powered by a Pilot integrated mono amp. When I rescued it from the curb where my father had left it for the Goodwill truck, I powered it from a ChannelMaster transistor radio headphone jack. Sounded great to me. I later obtained another to make a stereo pair and bought a new Kenwood receiver. After blowing one 075 (repaired under JBL's Lifetime Warranty), I dumped the Kenwood and bought a Mac C20 and Fisher SA1000. Sounded much better. Tiring of replacing expensive tubes annually, I traded the iconic Fisher on a Crown D150 which I used for a decade or more. At roughly 75wpc it sounded fantastic. I later replaced that with a Crown D150A-II, then a DC300A-II, each time my ears (or brain) told me I detected an improvement in sound quality. It wasn't about increasing sound pressure, but quality. Might just be wishful thinking.

I still have and love my 030s but don't listen to them that much anymore. They were always particularly intoxicating on strings, whether guitar or cello, and had played 70's rock at loud levels outside in the summertime for many years running constantly over three-day weekends without a hitch. Currently the dynamics of the 4345 bi-amped with CC crossovers have me hypnotized and I don't have space for both. My next move should allow me to play with the 030 and my goal is to add an LE175DLH to both, tri-amp them with two Crown VFXA2s using Crown D45, D75, and PS200 amps, just to see how good they can sound. Just for fun!

Looking forward to hearing if you notice any improvement whichever way you go.