View Full Version : JBL 4530, passive or active?

retro soulman
03-12-2016, 07:46 AM
Hello! Im thinking of try to work active my jbl system... The first time i try it was not successful at all. I loose much of the stereo image, the sound gets moody and i loose some highs... Generally what i get was not good. All these with a rane ac 22 crossover and a B&K st 140 for lows.
After some years im ready to try it again but with a crown dc 300 on woofers and a JBL 5232 (1200 hz cards) xover.

The system is jbl 4530 with k140, 2404, 2445 and 2390 lens (ill put my 2365 back soon)

Sound valves vta 70 power amp and GAS thaedra II preamp

Is it worth trying? I love jazz music and this system play this kind lovely!