View Full Version : OMG, OMG, @Wooo Haaa, more to audio vs JBL

11-22-2004, 09:40 PM
For years, 1/2 a lifetime, I have focused on making business improve, ane I ignored my audio addiction. Well I have made time for that now. Bought a pair of 4425s to add to my L-7s in separate rooms. So my old Sony, 20 years of service is dying, I wanted to upgrade and looked at options via our fellow JBL lovers.
Anyway, I am waiting for a nice Sony CPD D11, from Ken
so I finally hocked up my DD Technics with new Ortifon 10, as radio play is Ouch

OMG, OMG, OMG the sound is incredible. I own apologies to the trillions of music lovers who have proclaimed the virtues of vinyl, 3rd hormonic distortion, Tubes and the level of data needed for High Fidelity sound, not the I love everything magazine, I am blown away by the richness and detail that is now playing through what I thought were doing "Mighty Fine." Speakers.

I am so happy to hear this new demissione in sound. Woo Haa, A Tucson Cowboy Yelp
I am so happy to hear this new demmesion in sound. Woo Haa, A tucson Cowboy Yelp