View Full Version : 4333 alnico upgrade/update

01-14-2016, 10:03 PM
I have a pair of 4333 Alnico that I love. I bought them a few years ago and I had the LF drivers refoamed.
I am in the process of building a couple of stands to raise them a bit.
I would like to do a couple of modifications but I need some advice.

1) The idea is to replace the Jbl binding posts with something better. What should I use? Which size?
2) I would also like to cut off the L-pads from the circuit. I leave them in the same position all the time (flat) and I have read that over time they can just be an issue to have them. What kind of resistor should I put?
3) Does the original network need some work?


01-15-2016, 02:03 AM
For the collectibility of your speakers it is best to leave the stock crossover as it is. Nelson pass drew a new network for the L300, which is the same speaker. You can find it at his 'first watt' website. Build it with L-pads. When you have it set where you want it, measure the sections of the L-pads and substitute high quality noninductive wire wound resistors.