View Full Version : Help on ALTEC N1201-8A Network

12-29-2015, 07:43 AM

Recently I acquired a VOTT A7-X and the components are 828C/416-8B/511B/802-8G/N1201-8A.

The N1201-8A is used by the Model 19 which has the 811B, and the 416-8B is not horn loaded.

On the N1201-8A there are 'OPTIMUM' markings for both the MID and HF LPADS. May I know if these OPTIMUM markings apply to the A7-X as well since the horn and the enclosure are different. More specifically, I would assume the 416-8B in the 828C would have higher sensitivity rating than when its used in the Model 19.

OR are the N1201-8As used in the A7-X modified to compensate for the different enclosures?


01-03-2016, 03:24 PM
I think you will find most of the answers you are seeking on this thread:


I've been unable to find a cut sheet for the X version. I did find a sheet for the XX version, and it's a completely different animal from what you have. According to the spec sheet for the XX version, the XX cab was loaded with 515b/811b/806a/N800d.