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12-28-2015, 03:28 PM
I own a vintage pair of JBL speakers Model D36030WX in 36" walnut cabinets. They include the 15" D130 woofers, the 075 ring radiators, and the N2600 cross-overs. They are Serial Nos. 53738-30541-10811 and 54289-30047-10821.

They work beautifully and the cabinets are still very nice as well. I have upgraded my system, and could use some help dating these speakers and would like to get some idea of the market value.

Any help would be appreciated.



12-28-2015, 08:50 PM
Maybe '68-69 Viscount looking (C36 cab). Not sure about that crossover (vs 030 set N2400).
Are there labels with the D36030WX designation? Normally on the back.

12-29-2015, 02:59 AM
Maybe '68-69 Viscount looking (C36 cab). Not sure about that crossover (vs 030 set N2400).
Are there labels with the D36030WX designation? Normally on the back.

Hey Grumpy!

I have original paperwork acquired with the speakers denoting D36030WX and the serial numbers. I don't see any designation on the back of the speakers. I also have the original "installation...wiring...operation" manual which shows a picture of the Model N2600 cross-over as identical to what I have. I also happen to have an original one page "brochure" entitled "maintaining wood finishes" which is neat to have.

I acquired these from my dad back in the 70's and he also has a hand-written note to me defining the woofer, ring radiator, and cross-over as presented herein.

Any idea of the current market value?


Earl K
12-29-2015, 04:46 AM
http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/jbl/reference/price-lists/1962-09-15/page3.jpghttp://www.lansingheritage.org/images/jbl/reference/price-lists/1962-09-15/page4.jpg (http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/jbl/reference/price-lists/price-lists.htm)

EBay continues to be the best metric for the valuation of these older products.

A final selling price will determine the "current market value" of your 030 loaded, C36's .

This web-site doesn't pretend to determine market value ( nor does it track the ever-changing, current values ) .

An eBay starting price ( or at least a reasonable reserve ) can be determined by using the sum of the value of the separate components ( obtained by searching through eBay's records of past sales for similar items ) and then strategically discounting that sum .


Mr. Widget
12-29-2015, 08:43 AM
Any idea of the current market value?
As Earl said the market value for vintage JBLs goes up and down depending on many variables. Also as he suggests, the value of your speakers is likely determined by the raw driver value, but it would be a real shame to part these out and dump the cabinets.

Mid Century furniture is still fairly hip in many markets, maybe you can find a local buyer?

You mentioned that you've had these since the '70s... did you ever use them or just store them?

Good Luck with your sale.


12-29-2015, 01:57 PM
My dad purchased them new and used them 'til around '78. At that point, I moved and took them with me and used them up until around 2008. When dad passed in 2008, I acquired his updated system and these JBL's were placed into hibernation. They sounded great when I got them, and they sound great today. I just don't have a need for them anymore. I would like to see them go to a good home as they have been well cared for!

Thanks for all the input. Not sure if I want to fool with EBay (certainly don't want to ship!), or maybe I can find a quality local audio store if they are still around. I am in Orlando so I would think there would be a good audience!

Happy New Year to all!!!

12-29-2015, 10:43 PM
All I would add is to put priority on the "right" buyer- they're going to be wasted if sold to a stripper.