View Full Version : JBL LE25 vs. LE25-2 tweeter musically and sonically difference

12-14-2015, 10:09 AM
Dear JBL friends!

You have pair JBL 4311WX Control Monitor speaker.
I bought it second hand, however, there is very good condition.
Factory came out LE 25 tweeter includes.
Earlier, someone changed because now it is in it: LE 25-2 tweeter.
LE 25-2 very very god condition.

The JBL used in the 70s:
LE25: 4311WX, 4311WX-A, 4311A, L100, L26, L88P etc.
LE25-2 used: 4311B, 4301, L36 etc.
As I know LE25-2 used voice coil plastic as opposed to LE25 used voice coil paper.

I searched the internet about this subject, but I could not find anything.
What do you think? I continue to be used in LE 25-2 tweeter or use 4311WX originally LE25 tweeter?
Important question:
What is the difference between LE25 and LE 25-2 musically and sonically?

Look forward to your answers!
Thank you very much!

Best Regards, Thomas