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11-19-2004, 08:23 AM
Hi all,
Having seen many Ht rooms, due to the restraints of the typical house being 24' wide, make most rooms 11'~13' wide. Some are wider.
I was wondering how many people with HT have them set up in a wider room.

When I built a new LR in '97 with the intent to use it for HT, I made it 17.5' wide. I've put my two main towers 7' apart, centered on the tv. That leaves 5' from each main to the sidewalls, and 39" out from the front wall. This setup has, by far, giving me the best soundstage that I've ever had over the 25 years that I've been using L212s. Along with the fact I made the mains mirror image. Having the towers 5' from the sides cuts way down on early reflections.
It also gives me plenty of room in the corners to set the subs.

11-19-2004, 08:36 AM
My Home Theater room is basically 18' x 18' within a few inches. I have used Martin Logan CLS electrostats and Altec A7's on top of BassMaxx B1 18" bass horns. It truely is a wall of sound. (The Altec pic was taken before a audio meet, so the folding table is not typically there)

11-19-2004, 12:56 PM
My audio/ht room is 18x26 with a cathedral ceiling. My setup has a pair of JBL L200b flanking a Pioneer 53 rear projection hdtv on the 18' wall with the listening/viewing seating about 15' away.