View Full Version : Front center dialogue channel between pr of L-300's

Bill Shenefelt
12-06-2015, 12:17 PM
I currently have a klipsch reference 64 II center channel. Really a mismatch voice for the front L&R JBL L-300s . System is clearer if I turn off the klipsch. I want something with great vocal dialogue definition for a center channel. I have a 2355 horn and a 2461 driver (phenolic diaphragm) coming. I thought maybe I could use the 4, 6 inch sealed box driver set of the klipsch for the low end since the front is cut off at 60 cps anyway to a pr of svs sealed cylinder subs. Eventually I have a dream of a 375 driver for the system but looks real expensive for driver plus Hartfield horn and lens. Any thoughts? Maybe another LE 85 matching the right and left? I do not have room for a 136A in the center but do not need the depth of a 6 cu ft box with a 20 cps port anyway. Mabe a used 124a? Right now I use the side L- 300s and shut off the klipsch for clarity in the center dialogue. (they are really 136A, le85 and 077 drivers with jbl crossovers, not purchased L-300s, just JBL component series equivalents. when they sold components in the 70's.

Is it dumb to consider a 375 (2440) driver?
Ought to be a killer in movie soundtrack effects.
Any options for a crossover and horn that will not break the bank?

12-09-2015, 04:42 AM
Maybe just emulate the L300 HF over a 2206 in a wee box ( 2-2.5 cu ft )

Bill Shenefelt
12-09-2015, 01:45 PM
Maybe just emulate the L300 HF over a 2206 in a wee box ( 2-2.5 cu ft )

I have a JBL 2341 horn and received that JBL 2461 compression driver with a phenolic diaphragm. Do you think I could use those with the four 6" bass drivers in a Reference Klipsch 64 II just using the 4 cones and not the little horn in that klipsch center channel keeping the enclosure they are in. ..... or would it be much better to buy a le85 or its pro counterpart and stick it on the 2341 horn (got that but to buy a horn and lens for a le85 is a couple of hundred bucks or more) ? Also would it really be better to buy the 2206 and build a small sealed box for the low range. I only use the front speakers down to 60 cps to keep the jbl 136A phase shift near the box frequency fighting from with the sealed subwoofers. .
Either way I will need to run the horn down to 800 cps like the l-300 crossover setup I use on the front side channels. I cannot remember, using the 16 ohm pro driver instead of an 8 ohm le85 counterpart, what crossover changes from the l-300 using 8 ohm compression drivers are necessary? Would just a diaphragm change from 16 to 8 ohm in a pro get it more like the le 85?

I see a 2445J 16 ohm on a bi radial horn that has a 4 inch voice coil. Might it be a good (lower cost and nearly equivalent) substitute for an expensive 375 and horn or am I just kidding myself looking at an imagined gain of legibility of a 375. I do not really need the power but stronger transients in movies might come thru better, no?

Bill Shenefelt
12-10-2015, 04:03 PM
Ok, got a used le 85 and a mock 077 (Beyma CP21/F 1-Inch 8 ohm 50 watt High Frequency Compression Slot Tweeter) coming next week. I think I can just use the Nelson Pass crossover for the top end of an l-300 for the horns but will need a network for the highpass to feed the le85 and lo pass to feed the Jbl 2206.
I have not yet ordered the 2206 and hope maybe I could use my Klipsch 64 II center channel woofers and box but cut its tweeter in favor of the JBL horns. Should I just start with what is used for a 136A and adjust for gain in the upper range drivers?