View Full Version : When to change crossovers???

08-13-2015, 01:16 PM
I have a similar issue. I have recently changed from a 511B horn driven by an 802-8D paired up with the N-800-F (because when I first designed/built these last march 2015 I did it with the 811B's) and thought I would simply leave well enough alone. But now...I went from 811B's to 511B's (barely fit) to an external 1004B hanging from the ceiling on chains driven by a pair of nice 288's.
Now my question, I really need to reconsider my "leave well enough alone" statement...huh?
I have, or more correctly I'm soon to be removing the 511's from the cabinet completely (the horn/drivers are in the cabs but disconnected) and replace the baffle face with a new 2-holer!
Yes a pair of 416-8a's in each cabinet! with monstrous 1004B horns looming over my tiny (36inT X 33inW X 26inD) little cabinets...I say that jokingly because they still seem to dwarf my cabs, go big or go home, is what a friend of mine says...too often. Do I absolutely need a 500Hz crossover???? To be all that I can be?
Thank you and I truly respect opinions and constructive criticism.