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11-13-2004, 09:10 AM
I know that there is a lot of information hidden in various threads but not one can answer a question I have since months.

Many consider the 2441 to be the best JBL midrange driver and rate it over the 2445(46). This is because of the aluminium dia, right?
As far as I know the 2445(46) have an improved phase plug.
So in my idea a 2445(46) with the aluminium dia from the 2441 will sound best.
Anyone ever tried this?

With the aquaplas coated dia from the DMS-1 this should be even improvable, right?
Anyone ever tried this?

scott fitlin
11-13-2004, 11:32 AM
Alot of the 2441,s sound has much to do with the Aluminum diaphragm, but I also feel the 2441/2440 motors Alnico magnet plays a part in the sound as well! There are those who say it doesnt, and one cant hear the difference between magnets in high frequency drivers, but I dont adhere to that thinking! So, an aluminum diaphragm should give you what I consider to be a sweeter sound than the Ti in the 2445/6 but I cant tell you it will sound like a 2441.

I have also used alnico 2402,s vs my ferrite 2402,s and there is a sonic difference! They are both good, but you can hear a difference!

Then there is TAD! I have six TAD 4002,s and they sound absolutely NOTHING like the TAD 4001. But both drivers utilize the exact same Be diaphragm, 5 slit phase plug, and both come out to 2in exit, the 4001 uses an alnico magnet, while the 02 is neodymium! Two totally different sounding drivers!

The JBL 2450 drivers utilize Ti diaphragms, and a neodymium magnet, and to me, dont sound like a 2446 ferrite driver with a Ti diaphragm! I realize the drivers are somewhat different from each other! But again, very different sounding from each other!

However, in my opinion the Al diaphragm should be a sweeter sound than Ti!

11-13-2004, 03:12 PM

What`s about the BE dias. My father owned the Yamaha NS 1000 with BE dome mid and tweeter. Ive never heared such good sound anywhere.
My think is this are some of the best mid-high drivers of the world.
He said (years ago) the midrange of my 4530 (2441) is absolutely top.

Eckhard :p