View Full Version : Lowpass for JBL E110

11-13-2004, 03:57 AM

I need your advice for a 2-way combination I would like to build. It consists of:

JBL-E110-8 10" wideband professional instrument speaker and
Fostex FD600 1" 8 Ohm driver with RCF H100 constant directivity horn.

They should run in a 31 liter reflex cabinet on top of my JBL2235er woofers. These tops will be powered by a 6c33c SET-tubeamp, the subs by TDA7293 chipamp cut off by a DSP at 80hz with 24db.

The crossover should let the E110 run as far as possible; 6 to 7khz.


1. Which crossover point should I use?
2. How steep should the crossovers for high- and lowpass be?
3. Does the alluminium dustcap on the E110 cause a lot of trouble, and how should I tackle it?

Every advice is wellcome!



Attached you may find a first idea of a crossover: