View Full Version : Motorboard width

09-05-2014, 04:17 PM

I am starting a DIY project and need some information.

The I have not decided on the woofer/bass cabinet yet, maybe 2435's, but I do have the mids and tweeters.

The mids are 2446H's and the tweeters are 2405's, (two per side, above and below the lens).

I have 3 different lenses for the 2446H's, 2380s's, 2382a's and 2385a's which I plan to rotate through to assess the difference and will probably upgrade the diaphragms to Truextent Be's in the near future.

Here is my question, how much wider than the lens must the motorboard be?

Since the lenses need to be mounted flush, it would seem that the width of the motorboard beyond the edge of the lens would matter too.

A 24" motorboard would result in 3.25" on either side, 22" would be 2.25".

It would be nice but not necessarily compulsory that the mid/tweeter box be not wider than the bass cabinet and I think that a 22" wide bass cabinet would suffice for a 2235H and an 18" passive.

BTW, I have been reading this forum for a few weeks and have found it invaluable in selecting the speakers I will use. Thanks!!!