View Full Version : Altec 8254 (A10) bass cabs vs. DTS152A bass cabs

07-01-2014, 02:08 AM
Hi Guys,

I have a pare of Altec 8254 (A10 bass cabs) with 3156 speakers in it. (in stead of the 3154 becouse I work with live reinforcement) I found that the DTS152A cabs were also standard equip t with 3156 woofers. But can't find a lot of specifications. Only a PDF product description. No frequency graps or something like that.

I was wondering if the DTS cabs go lower than the 8254 cabs. The PDF says that 38Hz is the lowest usable frequency. I think thats the -10 dB point?

So, does it make sense to look for a pair of DTS or are they no better then my 8254 cabs?