View Full Version : 4312Mk2 woofers

06-16-2014, 05:24 PM
I couldn't resist it and bought a pair of late 4312 MkII's that were hardly used (but still some donkey managed to paint the sides of the cab silver and they have like 20 holes on the back from some kind of wierd rail mounting, still need to fill about 10... :().

One woofer had a slight crack in the cone due to careless transport and I had to fix it with strong glue but what caught my attention is that the cones (actually the suspension) on the 4312Mk2's feel much stiffier than on the 123A or the old 2213 alnico's that felt a little bit wobbly (based on my experience with 4311A and L100 Century that saw daily use).

I'm perfectly sure that the 2213H's have their original cones and that I was the first one to remove them since they left Northridge.
They are the late model with plastic binding posts and with less goop than on the old 2213/123A.

Could it be because they haven't been used so they need to be broken-in again or does it have something to do with age?