View Full Version : C53 Libra Cabs: with or without tuneing? LE14A-C N1200 LX10 LX2 LE175DHL

06-03-2014, 09:11 PM
I acquired two pairs of C53 Libra cabinets. One pair is loaded with a hodgepodge of LE14C, LX2-1/LX2 crossovers plus LE175DHL and N1200 crossovers. Go figure. The other pair of cabinets is more standard with LE14A + LE175DHL + LX10 crossovers. Each cabinet has a 4" port or hole in the front baffle. But the pair with the extra components also has a tuning tube running back from it.

I intend to keep the 2nd pair, essentially the S1 system in C53 Libras, but wish further information on the port and tube? Which is correct?

I'm new to this. thanks. Rick