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05-30-2014, 04:28 AM
I posted an identical thread in the tech section but post it here hoping to find more responses. If this has been previously discussed, my apologies. Nevertheless, I am the proud owner of two JBL C34's. The JBL nameplate states: "C34 Enclosure" and the sn's are 10519 and 12157; not exactly consecutive. It may have been the era transforming from mono to two channel. I greatly appreciate some help with some questions:

1. Did JBL manufacture the cabinets or are they kits/counterfeits? How can I tell? The look exceptionally well built like a manufactured product but show signs of modifications. Note: there is an aforementioned JBL nameplate on the back with sn but no emblem on the grill cloth.

2. They're 3-ways using and unmarked crossover and a LX5 crossovers (sn 21852 and 21891). Sight unseen, I speculate the driver compliment is D130, 175 CD/horn, and 075 tweeter. Literature search shows this to be an option but, are these likely to have been added aftermarket?

3. I would like to remove the grills for inspection. Is the grill cloth removed via inside or can it be removed from the outside?

4. Please feel free to add any pertinent info.

5. Is the value increased or decreased if high quality re-finished? Note: some antiques are diminished by re-finishing but audio is probably the exception but I could be wrong. Your opinions?

Thanks for all your help.