View Full Version : LX-11 in a JBL cabinet 29.5" tall - what model ?

05-23-2014, 04:04 AM
I'm looking at a pair of "JBLs from the '70s" tonight. The only information available was "it says LX-11" on the back, they are 29.5" tall". No pictures. I have no reason to think this is a ruse.

The L-45 Flair is the right size, but does not use an LX-11. The LX-11 was listed in a reference chart here as used in the L100, which is not 29.5" tall.

Any thoughts on what these could be?

thanks -

05-23-2014, 06:13 PM
There's an LE10A and an LE20. The cabinet seems to be something commercial from the 60s, with modifications: a home made plywood square port (arbitrary length/height/width?), the back was hand sawn 1/2 inch plywood, held on with 1 inch screws. Grill cloth seems from the '60s, soft and pliable 'grill' style cloth. Insulation is thin, but covering all but the front.

So this was a home conversion project, back in '74?

The cabinet size is about 3.3 cubic feet, big enough for an LE10A?

Not sure what to do next with these, improve the cabinet seems a good idea: bracing, insulation, seal the speakers, cut a new, fitted back, suggestions? Then new foam for the le10a?

Sound is fine, not very efficient.

Picture attached.