View Full Version : LX5 Crossover Rebuild; Mismatched Autoformer and Inductor part numbers??

05-13-2014, 11:58 AM
Hi everyone,

I am working on rebuilding a pair of LX5 crossovers for my DIY Hartsfield. I wanted to start with the stock LX5 and N7000 for E145, 2441, and 075 driver arrangement and then make tweaks and improvements on the crossovers as I go. Since I want to us high quality components, I am moving to air-core inductors and larger caps. I am ditching the stock wax potted canisters and moving the electronics onto a board that will be wired up the the aluminum JBL faceplates.

Since autoformers, are near impossible to come buy, I am going to use the stock 3.85mH autoformers for horn attenuation. I removed the stock components by placing the crossover canisters in boiling water until the wax melted and pulled each piece out.

With the autoformers and inductors out I noticed that the white ink stamped part numbers on both the autoformers and inductors do not match the schematics.

On the schematics the autoformer is labeled as part number: 10356. The ones I pulled out were 10355

The 6mH inductor should be: 10354. The ones I pulled out were 10350

Has anyone ever seen this before?

The crossovers were virgin, I was the first person to open these up.
I don't have an LCR meter to confirm the correct inductance numbers but since the part numbers are off, I will have to get one to double check.