View Full Version : JBL CROSSOVER QUESTION LE14A + LE175/1217-1290 horns = LX10 or N1200 crossovers?

05-12-2014, 09:14 PM
My first post and I know little so hope this is correct venue. I acquired some older JBL parts and c53 Libra cabs. I have a pair of LE14A and a pair of LE14C speakers. I have a pair of LX2 (one is an LX2-1) which I believe is correct for the LE14C. I also have a pair each of N1200 crossovers and LX10 crossovers. I also have LE175DLH horns - LE175 driver + 1217-1290 horn.

I'm surmising the best combination would be the LE14A w/ the horns and correct crossover over the simpler LE14C + LX2 combination? I would appreciate any input in this regard.

If I go with the LE14A + LE175DBL the specified crossover seems to be the LX10 which is at 1500hz. The N1200 crosses at 1200 and appears to be a more sophisticated unit. The marketplace seems to determine higher resale for the N1200 which leads me to conclude it is a superior unit? I would appreciate any input from those who know in this regard.

Of course all speakers need refoaming even after brake fluid treatement, though that did help.

Much thanks.


05-13-2014, 10:27 AM
The period correct crossover for the LE14A & LE175DHL drivers is the LX10.
What you end up with is the S1 system.
Here are the links to the S1 system and the LX10 network:

http://www.jblproservice.com/pdf/Network Schematics/LX10.pdf

The N1200 is designed for the 130A woofer and may not work as well with the LE14A.