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05-04-2014, 04:32 AM
Hi Guys

Bit of an introduction first. My name is Chris and I live in Australia.

My father is a JBL enthusiast which has since rubbed off me on me. I currently have a modest collection of vintage JBL speakers which are rare and costly in Australia. Currently i have L96's, 4412, 4410, 4408, 4408a, L5, 4312a and soon to arrive XPL140a's!!

L96's and the XPL's I have had shipped from US. The L96's currently get the most play time.

Would the XPL140a's be considered an improvement over the L96's? My room is only 11ft by 11ft with 10ft ceilings so the 10 inch 3 ways seem to work best.

Also does anyone have the dimensions for the XPL140 stands. Unfortunately these are not included and I don't like my chances on finding a second hand pair.

Thanks for the time all.

I am using a KT120 valve amplifier if that matters.

05-04-2014, 06:47 AM
Nice collection, and welcome!

I think you'll enjoy the XPL140As. It's obvious that, like me, you enjoy listening to them all and comparing the different sounds. The fact that your current favorite seem to be the L96 tells me you enjoy their more laid-back high-frequency which tends to make sub-par program material sound better than the less-forgiving titanium tweeters of your 44xx and L5s. I don't think the XPLs will replace the L96 or L5s as your favorites but I'll look forward to hearing your impression of them compared to the rest.

We have similar systems to sample. I have L96, L112, and L150A in addition to L1, L3, L5, L7, 4412A, and L80T/3. My current go-to system in my "work" room is the Pro-III Plus which just continues to impress me after purchasing the system for forty-bucks off local Craig's List and completing the transaction out of the trunk of a car in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen/gas-station. Do I like them better than the L96, or L5s I was using last night to try out two new Crown amps I bought yesterday (D150A-II and PS-200) off Craig's List? No, but do I like them all? Sure do! What do I listen to the most? Well, my main system includes a pair of 4345s.

I hope you enjoy the XPLs and that you'll get back to us with your listening impressions. I also hope they arrive safely with no issues.

05-08-2014, 03:14 PM
I have listened to my L5's and XPL-140's side by side and prefer the XPL-140's. They seem to have a clearer, more accurate sound to me. Like BMWCCA said share your impressions with us.

07-15-2014, 08:03 AM
Hi All

Just thought I would follow up on my thoughts and a quick update of my collection.

I received the XPL140a's and like pretty much every set of speakers I have purchased they have needed re-foaming (they looked perfect in the pic). Bought a kit from Rick Cobb that day but it takes around 7 business days to arrive in Australia.

Once they were refoamed I was definitely impressed by the 046ti as this had been the first speaker from the XPL range I had heard. The top end reminded me very much of the L96's probably better not harsh at all. After a few days of good listening I noticed they missed detail in comparison to the L96's and the rest of my JBL studio monitors. I did not have a problem with the 8" woofer as I have a small room and found it performed well but lacked the punch of the LE10.

Ended up selling the XPL's in the end and letting someone else enjoy them but would definitely pursue a set of XPL200's.

Currently I have 4313b, L96, 4412, 4408, L56, L5, 4312a

I received the 4313b's 2 days ago.....they looked perfect in the pictures and the cabinets/drivers are in good nick just need to be refoamed. Cant wait.

07-15-2014, 08:08 AM
I have listened to my L5's and XPL-140's side by side and prefer the XPL-140's. They seem to have a clearer, more accurate sound to me. Like BMWCCA said share your impressions with us.

I preferred the XPL's to the L5's. But then again I preferred the L96s over both of them. 4411's are great also.