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04-09-2014, 06:42 PM
Just in case anyone missed this , POS posted this thread

http://www.audioheritage.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?35490-D2415k in techinical help forum.

So , now there is a little D2 driver , D2415K which appears in a small line array pro product (VTX V20 )
same deal as the M2 HF driver , opposing annular dia's etc , just scaled down to prob 1" exit.

Net info is sketchy as far as I can get at the moment. The possibilities of this driver are practically endless in the vintage gear where the drivers had ' limitations '

Other thing going on is there is a VTX 'F ' series F12 , F15 , with a high power 12 and 15 in a 2 way config for PS and monitor use. ( Might well be the smaller 2415K for HF)

I'm not sure whether these are active DSP run or passive , however , pricing might just make these attractive to M2 fans.


Links http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/tour-sound/vtx-series/v20#.U0XmYaLpZxA

http://toneproperaudio.com/jbl-vtx/ Active with processing it would seem. On a PT waveguide ( is it the econowave excelsior ?)

04-11-2014, 01:29 PM
Here's the VTX F12 , looks like the Econowave horn or very close to it , with the D2415K dual coil compressor coupled with a dual coill Neo LF driver. Pretty high spec small box intended to run from ( probably ) the onboard DSP in the Crown amps.

This is trickle down at work , nice work the JBL design team. :applaud:


04-11-2014, 01:51 PM
Spec sheets are up. Correction , these use the D2 2430K HF driver and from what I can tell the waveguide is new. Must be , 1.5" .

http://www.jblpro.com/ProductAttachments/JBL_VTX_F12.v9.pdf $2350each

http://www.jblpro.com/ProductAttachments/JBL_VTX_F15.v9.pdf $2850 each

Amazingly on Amazon already


This of course begs the question , what do JBL have in mind for the smaller D2415k.