View Full Version : Adding 077s to my Altecs

02-14-2014, 09:12 PM
My Altec are running with 802-d drivers along with 416a 's with n500g xo's.I have owned since i was 14 when i found them in a remodelling of a movie theater into apartments.The old guy just said take em so i can have room.Now after 42 years i would like to try to utilze the jbl's 077 into the mix.How can i use the exisisting hardware i am running?without buying a new crossover etc.Can i please obtain your expertise in the houw to of wiring into my xo. If my idea pans out after the concensus is in,where would i mount these,on top?I am a nrwbie as you can tell but willing to learn something new everyday till the day I die.Thanks fellows and ladies

Mr. Widget
02-15-2014, 09:38 AM
To add a pair of 077s to your Altecs, you will need a simple crossover with a single cap and L-Pad at a minimum. Basically a single 1-2uF cap on one terminal of your input and an L-Pad to balance the level should take care of this.