View Full Version : JBL E145 Aftermarket Re-cone Issues

01-31-2014, 08:43 PM
Hi everyone,

So unfortunately I purchased a pair of E145's a while back for a Hartsfield replica that needed to be re-coned. Both had voice coil rub issues and were making noise during operation.

I recently ordered the only available aftermarket re-cone kit available when I ran into few issues. Unlike many of the other available JBL kits, the E145 being a rare beast, had a less than accurate factory re-cone kit. A non-vented taller voice coil and a curvilinear cone replaced the OEM vented and straight sided cone.

I can live with the non vented voice coil but the straight sided cone was a must. The entire point of the extended frame lip is to increase the angle of the cone for high strength vs. cone density in horn loading applications. After some discussion with the vendor of the re-cone kit they were able to source a straight sided cone for me.

After receiving the straight sided cones I noted a few issues with them. The neck does not extend all the way to the spider (again not maximizing the cone angle) and second there is a decent gap between the voice coil and the cone neck. I would not be as worried about this if the cone went all the way to the spider for more gluing surface area.

I also found out that the aftermarket voice coil is very flimsy compared to the OEM which seems like it could lead to premature voice ribbing if it gets out of round due to operation.

Anyway, I am looking to see if anyone has any contacts to get the OEM C8RE145 re-cone kits or where I can at least get custom manufactured speaker cones that will fit the E145 baskets correctly.



01-02-2015, 11:53 AM
Wondered if you ever found a solution to this?