View Full Version : Xovers for 846B, 811s..need someone to summarize what is currently the best way to go

01-11-2014, 12:01 PM
HI guys,

Well, I have a new to me set of Valencias on the way...picking them up Monday and I have been reading for the last week, tireless work by many of you, Zilch, et al from about 2007 - 2011. :applaud: It's been a real learning curve, and there has been much work done on both this forum and AK. A bit hard to follow what had really been the final outcome of all the work. There was a period there where there was so much activity, cross posting and multiple threads on basically the same topic...my head is swimming.

So, what I am looking for is someone who has been involved in all this work, to sort of summarize for us, the best crossover design for the 846B, with 416 woofs and 806-8A drivers. These are all bone stock and in nice condition. I would like to stay with the original drivers for now..what I remember seeing was the use of the 30924 shelving EQ from the 9846A, and Z19 designs.....etc etc. Seems the activity sort of peaked around 2011??

I have a number of tube amps to drive these with, may look at biamping, but would like to stick with conventional single amp drive for now.

Thanks guys!


Art J.
01-12-2014, 10:05 AM
Hi Paul, its good that you search the archives because the subject kinda got used up. You can only say so much about a Butterworth crossover. Its unfortunate also that Zilch passed away around that time also.
Congrats on the Valencias, nice.............

How is the 9846 project going? E-mail me to the W1 address.
I have been very active on the bands lately. Hope all is well with you. Art

01-12-2014, 10:15 AM
Hi Art,
Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the reply. Yes, after a week of reading the archives, I think I am more confused than before I started. :blink:

I will leave it for a while then revisit them with a fresh brain. Some seem to feel the 806 driver should be replaced, others were using it but compensating for it's shortcomings in other ways.

The 9846 project is coming along nicely. Everything is sitting right where I left it a few months ago. :D When I found these Valencias it was an easy way for me to get a nice horn system up and running quickly. I am still going to build up the 9846's but I also am planning an addition onto the house this year, about 1000 sq'. Will be very nice to have a decent sized listening room that can accommodate all these Altecs, even a VOTT system.

I'll email you shortly.