View Full Version : Crossover Confusion?

Allan S
11-24-2013, 07:08 PM
Hi, I'm new to this, so I would like to thank everybody for your hospitality and patience! I have jbl 2220b(16ohm) woofers, 2461 drivers and 2345 horns without a crossover. Is the 3110 the right crossover to use with that combination? My second question, if I used two 2220b(16 ohm) woofers and wired them parrallel in each cab to gain a little more bass would the 3110A be the crossover to use? Or are there any other options for more bass? Thanks for all your help!


01-06-2014, 12:03 AM
Hi Allan, the old grey painted 3110 xover was used with the 2220B. It was rated with a 12 to 16 ohm for the low freq. and 16 ohm for high freq. The 2461 CD has a phenolic dia. and goes out to a little over 10KHZ. The 2220B woofer is not designed to be used for the lowest octave 20-40HZ. Best use 45-50HZ. Using 2 of them in a very big box will get you 3db more eff. and maybe 3 hz lower due to mutual coupling. The 3110A would work for this. If you like some more high freqs add a 2405 or 2404 to the mix, but you will need a 3105 or 3106 xover. Also check the libary tab for more info. Hope this helps and good luck