View Full Version : Optimal crossover point for 4343B with 2235h?

11-22-2013, 06:38 PM
Hi all good people.

Based on the forum I got an Ashley XR 1001 active crossover for a pair of JBL 4343's. The loudspeakers does not have the stock woofers, but a pair of 2235h, hence I'm not certain what the best crossover frequency would be.

I will be using subjective listening as well as UMIK-1 and REW to tweak my way with this, but a starting point would be very nice.

11-22-2013, 07:17 PM
I will be using subjective listening as well as UMIK-1 and REW to tweak my way with this, but a starting point would be very nice.
I suppose you could start where JBL started, 300Hz. Can't be that far off. :dont-know:

11-22-2013, 08:57 PM
My head is spinning from all these controls, haha. Three on each l-pad plus over half a dozen on the XR 1001.

Have set everything to zero on the L-pads and unity gain on the XR 1001, 300 Hz crossover and will start to do some measurements as soon as I am able to stop playing music! ;D

First impression agrees with what has been said by many here before. Better, more open top end, cleaner and mor punchy bass compared to 5235 with 4343 cards. Not by much, but a little. There is also a little less noise (not that 5235 was particularly noisy in the first place), but the noise may be from the plasma screen hanging on the wall above the components, plasmas are a known culprit to induce a bit of hizz and hum. Will look into this later, as it is not really audible at low listening levels. When I crank it up and listen to music with a wide dynamic range it is slightly audible at quiet parts though. Either way XR 1001 is a steal at the current price. I thought active crossovers needed to be expensive to sound great, but this is very good at a ridiculously affordable price.

I'm thinking a bit about EQ. Would you guys do this in the digital or analog domain? Using PC as source, I've been playing quite a bit with free and open source software Equalizer APO (http://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/) for headphones (as I used to be very into that). Fine thing about Equalizer APO is that you can do measurements in REW and set some options to have REW create the filters for Equalizer APO (these are extremely flexible and you can have an unlimited number of them). All filters are set in a text file which you load into Equalizer APO.

I read somewhere on here that using the L-pads is not optimal as you burn a lot of unnecessary power by using them, hence I was thinking of doing it all digitally (with EQ APO) or using an external device to avoid this. Is this a good idea?

Do you guys prefer analog or digital EQ'ing, and are there any bargains like XR 1001 for digital and analog equalizers?