View Full Version : JBL-like BLUE grill fabric found

Steve Gonzales
10-15-2004, 11:41 AM
In my previous thread " updated look for L222 and L220 grills" I was asked to find out what the fabric order #'s were at Jo Ann fabric stores for the JBL-like blue knit material and here it is: 739-2376 . As i said, this fabric is not as sheer as the black #3514023 I used on the L220's but does not seem to matter as I do not sense any ill effect i.e.- muffling of sound. This material is the closest to the original color I witnessed on 4343wx's and 4435's in person. As you know, the O.G. blue is all but impossible to find. I would be willing to send a sample to anyone that wishes to examine it for themselves. Send me a P.M. and I will tell you how. I again want to thank all of those who responded to my posts and for their help and encouraging words and comments. I am posting the blue close-up again. VIVA JBL!