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10-05-2013, 03:25 PM
hi everybody
i'm new here and new to altec speakers, too. let's say i've always been more on the british side of sound (kef, rogers, tannoy) but the opportunity to get a nice pair of nineteen kinda changed the stakes.
it's a first owner set, purchased in london in the early eighties then kept in the family until room and reason forced them out. they had been surviving in a basement full of motorbikes for a few years down in southwest france until i rescued them last week. always funny how audio gear comes up, disappear and travel worldwide sometimes.
except for a few age marks and silence after all these years - i'll have the x-overs checked pretty soon - they play nicely.
i thought the 99 db would be an easy load but it's actually trickier than that. double SE of EL84 failed, sugden 21A failed, an smsl 50w chip-amp sounded ok but not that exciting... they finally really opened up with Heathkits MA-12 monoblocks (EL84) and what a treat! super imaging, bottom bass and every note, breath, scratch or thump more "here" and alive than ever before.

a few pics of the first listening sessions. feedback and advice will be much appreciated! :coolness:

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Mr. Widget
10-05-2013, 03:54 PM

Welcome to the Forum... the Model 19 is a popular one, you will find a fair amount of info here.

There is also Todd White's Altec specific site.