View Full Version : Altec network N-800D: can it be substituted?

08-17-2013, 04:56 AM
Hi, I am building a WoT cabinet, and have ran into two technical questions regarding network dividers. Since I’ve got 800 horns for the HF drivers, I need N-800D model networks (these are mentioned in the HF driver specifiications list). I don’t have the N-800D, but I might be able to get either N-800G, N-800F or N801-8A.
Question is – can 800G, F and/or 801-8A be used to replace the 800D? All I know is that all of them have 800Hz x-over point, but are there any other differences that may be of concern? Also, seems like D is of lowest power, so from the power handling point of view it would be an update.

Another question – my LF driver has 8 ohm impedence, and the HF driver – 16 ohm. Is any modification to the network divider necessary to hook both drivers with different impedance onto it?

I would very much appreciate any advise here. Thanks!