View Full Version : Date/Value of my set of C50 Olympus

08-04-2013, 06:15 PM
Hello All, I hope you can help me both Date my set of speakers as well as give me an approx. value as I am in need of selling these great speakers. Let me first give you a little bit of history on this set. My uncle purchased these speakers when he got out of the army and they were up until his untimely passing the center piece of his home theater set up. I do know that in the late 80's he had one of the woofers redone by an authorized JBL dealer here in Maryland. I have the receipt of this repair in my fire box. I acquired these speakers a few years after his passing as he left no will so I had to wait to get these. I have had them now for about 4 years and the have been used daily as the center piece to my home theater set up. I am forced to sell these speakers as I have some surprised legal expenses that I have to pay for. I am fighting for my son. So with that said the serial #'s for these are 51478 and 51479. I have attached some pics of the speakers. I do have the vent for the cabinet sitting on my desk. These as you can see are in great shape !!! Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated !!! Thanks !!! Andy

Mr. Widget
08-04-2013, 06:24 PM
They look beautiful. For maximum selling price you will need pictures of the backs of the drive units showing overall condition and the serial numbers.

Unfortunatrly these have the S7R driver compliment and not the much more desirable S8R. There have been quite a few of these offered and discussed on the Forum. You may be able to run a few searches and get the answers you're after... or perhaps others more knowledgable about these particular speakers may chime in.


08-04-2013, 06:31 PM
Here are some additional pics that I took. I couldn't get a clear pic of the other serial number tag with my phone. But it is in just as nice of shape