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07-24-2013, 10:00 AM
Hello all,

I'm new the forum, what a lovely treasure trove on information this site is!

Anyways, I brought a complete JBL ScreenArray setup!!!

Which consists of the following:

1x Center 4638 Cab (2x 2035 HPL)
2x L&R 4648A Cabs (2x 2226 HPLs)
3x HF 2446H on 2380 horns on 2509A brackets

2x Subs 4645C (1x 2242H)

6x Surrounds 8330A.

Unfortunately I didn't receive a a processor or spec sheet. I'm wondering if anyone could answer the following questions for me?

1. What crossover points, slopes and lpads should I be using on all the kit?
2. Is there any EQ settings I should be aware off?
3. Is the system evenly balanced in terms of LF, MF, and HF?
4. What size room/audience would this be ideal for?

My setup at the moment is a Bluray player, AV amp which'll act as processor only and will then feed into multiple DBX DriveRack 260s or DECX2496 LMS into multiple amplifiers. I've got enough Ashley graphic EQs to have one for each channel.


Mr. Widget
07-27-2013, 08:24 PM
Welcome to the Forum... I guess those that know about JBL's semi vintage theater systems are MIA. I'd suggest contacting a JBL pro dealer who specializes in cinema sound to see what they recommend.

Have fun!


07-28-2013, 04:07 PM
I think if you buy DBX 260 you will get presets for JBL 4670 which is the system you've got (4638/4648 & 2446/2380). BUT that is presets meant for use in a cinema and not necerally the best for your room. Some Crown amps also have the same presets built in, like DSI.

I've had a few pro cinema systems at home, incl 4670, 4675, 3678 and others like EAW CB523. The easiest to use and get decent sound of is 3678, the bigger systems might have more potential but are also harder to get to sound good. 2446/2380 can sound good but many have problems getting them to play OK, they have a tendency to sound a bit "harsh" so carefully choos amps for them!

I prefer running my 4648 "fullrange" (only a 30hz HF is used) together with my 4x4645B, I think it sounds this way than with the recomended 80hz crossover. The 4645 sounds very good but I think it lacks a litle below 25 hz, so I prefer a "EQ bump" from 15-25hz. You have to be careful with this since it can blow the 2242, but for HT use it gives a litle extra that the 4645 needs :)

Your system have great potential and the most "critical" part to get decent sound is in my opinion the needed EQ. So my advice would in fact be too choose a receiver/processor with a good built in roomcorrection system, I think Audyssey MultEQ-XT32 (Pro) is a good way to start your search. This is much easier (and probably better) than with EQs like Ashley GEQ.

07-28-2013, 06:05 PM
Cheers for the info. The system will be used in a large shared hall rather than a house, it's a bit big.

I'll have a search on the DR260 for the presets. My AV amp which I'll use as the processor already has a top notch room calibration built it. I've certainly not been able to fault it. The GEQs were more for manual adjustment after setup for personal taste etc.