View Full Version : JBL original settings for digital filters, DBX or BSS, for the K2 series and/or M2

05-17-2013, 12:16 AM
Deal all,

Is there anyone on the eminent forum that knows if JBL ever posted digital filter settings for active crossover use with the K2 series or the new M2. Or any other modern monitor type speaker (like 4365 or similar)

JBL has posted some settings for booth DBX units and BSS units regarding their PA systems but surely having all the HW at hand they must have tried running for instance K2-S9900 3-way active.

Im just curious on what filter transform/slope they used, what EQs they have applied and how they treated phase issues (time alignment).

Im going to swap in a pair BSS Soundweb London units in my system and would appreciate some hints. I believe that the new M2 monitor uses BSS technology. Maybe even FIR filter to get that fantastic smooth curve. Anyone seen such setting for the BSS units or the Crown amps?

All input welcome.
Bets regards and thank you