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03-26-2013, 02:13 AM
I acquired these two crossovers N809.8A along with two bass speakers units 418 -8H series ll (Musical Instruments) plus two compression drivers models 808-8A 8ohms . and 807 -8A, (with the metal horns ) i got all of these components in a box from an old theatre in Copenhagen , my question is if could built them as speakers to be use with my stereo system ? i would need the schematics how to connect the bass speakers along with the compression drivers ,(by the way does anyone know if these drivers can be use as tweeters ?) any helpful thoughts will be greatly appreciated ! cheers

Mr. Widget
03-26-2013, 10:15 PM
I just poked around in the Altec section of our library... you might want to do that yourself. You can see the library tab up above and then click on the Altec tab.

In any event it seems your two compression drivers are similar but different enough that using them for stereo wouldn't be ideal. One has a much more massive magnet so it will have better high frequency extension. The woofers are musical instrument speakers so they will have high sensitivity, a good thing, but at the expense of accuracy.

Which horns did you get?


03-27-2013, 04:01 PM
The 418 shares the same frame as the 416. Get them reconed into 416's. Slap them in a 6 cubic foot box and tune the port to 30 Hz. Your bottom end will be all set.

The top end as Widget said is a bit of a different story. Yes both those drivers got to 20k I think. But there not flat that far up.

The 418 can be used but you won't have much bass without changing the cones. Also if I'm not mistaken those 418's are also alnico. Might need a recharge.

Hope this helps.

look up the datasheet on the 808 and 807 in the library section of this site to get a better idea of there specs.