View Full Version : lpad for 2420n driver

10-06-2004, 04:46 PM

i burn my lpad for 2420 driver .
I believe i need a 16ohms available only at partsexpress 50watts or 100 watts ? .

I have seen that on the thread ' building the 4345/4344 " ian mckenzie uses 8 ohms lpad for 2420 ? .

So what should I use 8 ohms or 16 ohms as 2420 is 16 ohms ...

thank for information


10-06-2004, 07:59 PM
Depends on the element, and the crossover.

There were both 8 and 16 ohm versions of the 2420. If you've got the 16 ohm version, and the 16 ohm L-pad, I'd replace it with one of the 16 ohm L-pads, like the ones from Parts Express.

It shouldn't matter if you use the 50W or 100W units; as long as the power handling of the 50W L-pad isn't exceeded, they will sound exactly the same. My take- if there's room to install them without having to cut up anything, use the 100W L-pads. OTOH, if there's space limitations, the 50W L-pad should work fine.

If you can give the model number of the speaker system (or the crossover network), then the people here should be able to determine which impedence L-pad was in your system. I'd be willing to bet it probably was 16 ohms, as most 2420s I've seen have been 16 ohm drivers... but there's no use to guess, if we can be sure...