View Full Version : Found an fully working Altec Lansing 418B and a broken JBL 2220A

Sune Andersson
01-14-2013, 02:31 PM
We just threw away a lot of garbage from the basement at the school where I work.
I was lucky not to throw away this really ugly speaker shown below.


It was the metal dustcap that made me curious and I thought I just have to check it before I threw it away...
Much to my surprise I found a fully working, almost mint condition Altec Lansing 418B!

57935 57936 57937

After reading a little on the web I understood it was a classic guitar speaker I just had found so I started searching for a good speaker cab on the web, but I wanted to try it out immediately.
I had a really, ugly really beaten up Music Man 115RH hidden somewhere in the basement too, so I started to look for it and saw that it still had a JBL 2220A in it! I took it out because it didn't work. But the AL 418B sounded great in that cab.


I am going to buy a new cab though, for the Altec as soon as I get enough money. Any recommendations? Remember I live in Sweden so it is best for me with a European manufacturer... I have been thinking about a Zilla cabinet (http://www.zillacabs.com/).

I am a newbie fixing speakers so now I am wondering... if there is no sound at all coming from the JBL, what can be wrong and how can I fix it? A reconing? It looks like I can manage to do that, I am pretty handy...

I understand that this 2220A probably is a speaker more suited for a bass guitar.
Is there a way to recone it to make it more suitable for a guitar? Like using a D130 recone kit?

I am totally green about JBL and Altec speakers. I remember everybody worshipping this sound int he seventies and the eighties. Please tell me more about the best thing to do with these speakers!

Thanks in advance!

Sune Andersson
01-15-2013, 01:35 PM
This Music Man 115RH cab is not worthy an Altec Lansing 418B by the way it looks right now, but my oh my, what a sound it makes!
This is probably the best sounding speaker cab I have ever heard for a guitar amp!
The only problem is... it weighs far too much!

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