View Full Version : JBL 4406 'charge coupled network' --need someone to build one for me

11-01-2012, 10:16 PM
Hi All,

This is my first post so I will be brief. I purchased a 'new/old still in the box' pair of JBL 4406's. I just love'em! But I keep seeing random mentions that they even sound better if you have the 'charge coupled' variant? Was this standard on certain versions of the 4406's? How can one tell if they have one of these variants?

I am assuming this is a custom mod to the 4406's as one would need to add a battery to the network.

On that note... Is there any pro out there who would be willing to upgrade the capacitors in my 4006's and build me a charge-coupled network for these puppies? Of course they would have to treat them like new-born puppies because they are absolutely pristine in condition! I would also like to be able to bi-amp these speakers as long as there would be no structural or cosmetic harm done to the cabinets and veneer.

I also own a pair of 4408's. In my non-dedicated listening room they come off a bit flabby in the mids and I am surprised at how little bass come out of them given the size of the woofers. The 4406's seem to merge better with my sub and clean up some of the choked/congested mid to upper mids that I think the Emotiva gear is imparting to the sound. I also have standing wave and low-end phase issues that I keep wrestling with, less of course on vinyl playback.

I am still new at this 'audiophile/music lover' world so please excuse my exuberance and naivete.

My gear consists of Emotiva amp and pre-amp (stereo only), Audio Technica turntable (no laughing), near top-of-the-line Sony SACD player and a Music Hall dac25.3 for up-rezing of CD's and hard drive playback, and a Yamaha sub.

Any tips, tricks or advice is greatly appreciated!


11-02-2012, 05:34 AM
Biasing of the 4406 came about to see how such a "minimal" system would respond. The results were stunning.

Prior to the 4406, only the 250Ti had been biased, so, systems from both ends of the spectrum.

Biasing any of the legacy JBL systems is worthwhile if all the transducers are fresh. No point biasing the networks if the transducers themselves are needing a refresh.