View Full Version : JBL L110 restoration help/question

09-27-2012, 10:50 AM
Anybody care to guide me (newbee) towards restoring my L110's? I had a set back in the seventies and had to sell them and finally found some again on ebay, and of course they weren't in condition as advertised. At least need both woofer foam, and one tweeter dome screwed up. I hooked them up and both very muffled and very low volume compared to amp setting etc.I tried to find an authorized sevice place around where I live, and know takers. (Reno,Nv.)I would be grateful for any help offered/gladly pay someone who adores these as I do. Thanks!!P.S. Am interested in any compatible upgrades too!

09-27-2012, 01:12 PM
A pair of L96 would be a nice upgrade. ;)

But you're up against the same issues on any of these models. Re-foaming woofers is a given. Start by opening them up and check all wiring connections. Disconnect all but one driver and test that. Repeat for each driver and you'll at least know what's working. The L-pads are a frequent source of issues too, start by spinning them back and forth many times with a signal present.