View Full Version : 126a started ratteling. What are my choices?

09-07-2012, 10:02 AM
Hello All

So I am afraid my 126a is on its last leg. Its making like a scratching sound.

The past 6 months just for kicks I have been keeping my eye out for a pair of 122's to replace the 126's. Anyway I did see a few but they were some what expensive just to purchase and replace speakers that were working fine.

Well the time has come to replace the 126's. First things first if I could buy a new 128, 122 or 126 I would without any hesitation. Same goes for a recone kit for the 126. I would even buy the 122's if I could still get a recone kit for it.

So with that being said what are my choices? I know this may upset a few JBL purest and for that I am sorry. Has anyone found an alternative speaker for any of the above speakers? Does anyone have the spec sheet for the 128 or 122 so that I may search for an alternative? I know some of you have worked for JBL in the past and I love you for making listening to music so enjoyable. Bought my first pair in the 70's and have been listening to nothing but JBL over my life time.

I know, I hate posting this here but Lansing Heritage to me is the best place for anything JBL. I hate putting anything but JBL parts in any of my speakers but I am afraid as time goes on this will be the case more and more. I also have a pair of L166's with the 122's that in the future may need a little tlc.

Thanks All