View Full Version : needing repairs on JBL PRX615m's built-in Crown amp

08-26-2012, 03:00 PM
I bought a pair of refurbished PRX 615m's last Christmas to use on campus at Kansas State University. They both worked fine throughout the spring semester. They sat in a trailer unused all summer, but when we pulled them out to use them again this semester, one of them won't turn on. The LED on the front doesn't turn on, there's no electric humming, and no sound comes out. Since they were refurbed, I don't have the original bill of sale to send back for warranty work, so I figured there was no harm in tearing it apart to gather more info. All the fuses check out fine. When I turn it on, there is a faint clicking that occurs about every half second and gradually slows down. It sounds like it's coming from the transformer, or nearby in the power section. If you guys have an idea what might be causing this, please let me know. Here is some more info about the amp that might be useful.

P/N - 444743-002
S/N - V11091311122
number stamped on the aluminum housing - 362059-003
sticker on the user interface by the power switch - P1081-44600

Please let me know if you guys have any ideas because having a speaker crap out after 5 months isn't easy on the checkbook and doesn't bode well for this customer's satisfaction.:banghead: