View Full Version : JBL L-45 Flair (S4 Loaded)

Steve w/cheeks
08-21-2012, 05:32 AM
It seems there are very few of these L-45's around, I think most were sold as a super L-100's with the mid and tweeter setup. Mine are a S4 setup which has a 130A low frequency driver and LE175 High frequency driver combined with the L-91 lense and N1200 crossover. These speakers were discovered in a warehouse, they are missing the grills so I am looking for information on possibly making some but they don't need to look original. The problem is the L91 lense sticking out so far, it makes the frame a bit more of a challenge to make. The bottom left picture is not my speaker but wanted to show part of the grill frame.

The other thing I question is what makes these speakers so much louder than any of the others I have when set at the same volume setting? they are twice as loud than most and need much fewer watts to get loud. They sound amazing and have the tightest bass output of any speaker I have heard, they seem like they would work well for a large venue, they are just too powerful for a small listeng area in my opinion. Anyone with knowledge on what I have here would be great, I have 20 + sets of speakers and these just plain have a different sound and output. Thanks!566945669556696

12-23-2013, 05:46 AM
That is a super cool speaker, a 50's driver load hiding in 70's styling. What's up with the one that has an 075 bullet below the lens? I thought it was one or the other, not both.