View Full Version : Summit L-300 glass tops and stands replacement

08-04-2012, 02:29 PM
Hello all,

Thanks to all for the help on the refoam and spider questions. Now a couple last questions to bring my L-300's back to life.

I inherited the speakers from my father, who either broke or tossed the glass tops and pulled off the stands when he stuck the speakers in a wall. Now I'd like to replace them to get the speakers as near to original as possible.

Is the glass smoked bronze or smoked grey? Are the edges square, beveled, or rounded? How thick is the glass? Is the stuff under them felt, paper, or foam?

Anyone know the approximate dimensions of the base stands? Are they the same height all around, or do they taper to the rear? Particle board, or solid wood? Are they attached, or do the speakers just sit on them? If attached, how? Screws, nails, glue?

Thanks much,