View Full Version : Yamaha NS-40M rescue mission

09-23-2004, 04:08 AM
for those with experience about servicing these speakers.

for the time being this is my rescue mission...til some JBL:s come my way!

ok i found a pair of these at a yard-sale almost got em for free. the ns 40 looks like the 10 but with dual woofers and a dome midrange, and a tweeter.

cabs were pretty nice, both tweeters were missing as was 1 woofer, got em home and tested all drivers with tonegenerator, and one other woofer was blown! so remaining 2 woofers + 2 mids were fine! i put the woofs into a cab along with a mid. and improvised a tweeter, sounds sweet!

now the problem: as i can see the woofers look identical too the 10:s but not the same partnumber, same goes for tweeters. the ns10 parts seems more available so im wondering if the woofers would work in the 40:s. same for tweets. or if theres a good replacement tweeter? maybe a pair of 075:s? they would physicaly fit...i cant find specs on the parts im looking for, or on the speakers eather...

the partnr for the 40:s woofs: JA1811
-"- -"- tweet JA0589

are these infact the same as in the 10?

also has anyone have coments about the 10/40:s? i have not heard a pair in action. are they worth rescuing?

09-23-2004, 07:00 AM
Hi Figge:wave:

If you live in Stockholm then you could contact my former colleague Mr Max Weber. He works/ is the owner of the HiFi shop: Sontec Audio.

They do make guarantee serviceing on Yamaha audio equipments, maybe you should start from there and you will, I m sure, get advice what to do with your ns 40s.

If you don t live in Stockholm you can allways contact him as a start, then he will advice you to whom you should take further contact


09-23-2004, 07:12 AM

no im not in stockholm...but close (100km east of it):)

i know sontec, i frequently drop in and take a look, to see what theyre up too....gonna give em a call and see what they suggest.