View Full Version : question on electolyic caps and 412's and L100A's

05-11-2012, 07:24 PM
while awaiting getting my front channels setup with 2206/2446-2360's, and 2404h's i was going to go ahead and use my mid wires to hook up trow L100A's and a pair of 4312 control monitors. I've capped the wires by adding an electrolytic cap (Dayton mpt 47uf 350V) in the positive wire to each of the l100's and the 4312's>> any issues here with damaging these speakers, as the cap should just charge up and discharge if the amps cant meet the demand. Given that this is temporary and I wont be playing stratospheric levels of sound, I cant imagine it will hut, but I want to make sure. In the new setup these will go to the 2445/2446 - 2360a combo.