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03-11-2012, 01:06 PM
Hi everyone at Lansing Heritage.

This is my first post and I recently joined the forum after lurking for a bit. I've been upgrading my hifi equipment over the last year or so I bought some new mullard EL34 tubes for my cayin 50t amp, made some great sounding cat5 caples ( I did it the hard way and twisted all the 54 conductors together - 128 for both left and right ! Sore fingers but WOW ). My current speakers are totem mites, when I bought them I thought they were the best sounding speakers id ever heard - Now Im not so sure.:p

Last week I bought two JBL 4412a. The boxes are pretty rough and they are ugly looking speakers anyway ( my opinion only no offense intended ) so I'll be building new cabinets for them as a summer project. I'm currently re-foaming the woofers and would like to re-work the crossovers as these appear to be a weak point - based on what I've been reading.
Ive been reading and trying to understand exactly what components I should replace for best bang for the buck. I probably have budget of $250 in parts for both xovers. Your recommendations would be invaluable. I'm a complete novice with regard to crossovers so if anyone has re capped a 74853 I'd be grateful to hear what you did.

If I've missed a thread dealing with this specifically I apologize.

Thank you very much for any comments. I'll be posting some images to this thread soon as I progress.