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09-18-2004, 01:03 PM
I am putting a pair in the Bedroom. I want to maximize placement and positioning and I figure I'll be listening in bed... to get the Bi radials positioned for ideal hieght I was toying with putting the horns on the bottom... but I do not want to hurt the base?
Another way to go is with 27" tables and the horns on top. I was thinking about putting a towel (any suggestions for materials, or other speaker stand devices?) between the speaker bottom and the table? With the tables I would avoid walls, shelves, etc? This method also allows for easy tweeking of the placement. Smart or not so?
At this point I can do about anything, including hanging them from the ceilings (lotta, latta work and repositioning will not be fun) . I figured that the units shouldn't be flush against a wall, ceiling, etc. ?
The 4425s should arrive Wednesday.
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Any thoughts will be much appreciated:banana:

09-18-2004, 02:08 PM
Always try to protect the finish, of course. I use felts from the hardware store under my 4425's. Because of the biradial mid/high horn, placement is less of a problem. The horns produce a wide field. It's hard to even find a "sweet spot."

When I've seen them mounted high, they've been inverted as JBL recommends. I don't hang speakers unless they're made for it, typically. 4425's are heavy, and would probably require bolt-through hardware to do it safely.

Corner placement will boost the bass, but they don't seem to need it. Mine sit a couple of inches out from the wall atop subwoofer plinth. Another arrangement I like is a low bench with both speakers on it, "gear" in the middle. Tell the wife it's Nelson retro you're doing there. She'll get it.... :p

09-18-2004, 03:31 PM
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