View Full Version : XPL200A NX Rebuild

11-14-2011, 04:07 AM
I've had a second pair of XPL200A crossovers packed away for some time now and have been thinking of ways to improve the signal path right up to the drivers and thought I'd use this second pair as an experimental build as well as still keeping my original pair.

I have looked into rebuilding these with the help from Ian Mackenzie but the NX did not offer a lot of room to install mundorf capacitors I had in mind at the time as they were bigger and being so tightly packed and not so easy to get to it seemed in the too hard basket to deal with. Having a DX-1 also meant that the internals were always going to be bypassed so a rebuild was pointless.

However, there are a few simple things that can be replaced such as the current internal speaker wiring made from Monster cable. This is the first item on my list I am going to replace. Has anyone replaced the internal wiring and what affect did this have?

I am looking at using the same gauge for each of the drivers but I will be replacing the stranded copper used by Monster for a solid copper core shielded cable. I would assume the woofer would need a thicker cable to carry the higher voltage load but the same cannot be said for the mids/tweeters and a smaller cable would suffice. I'm not one for spending gazillion dollars on speaker cables but I have some spare cables I thought I might as well put into good use.

The other area to look at is upgrading the section that does the actual bypass in the NX. I know 4313B has pulled apart one of these and would be interested in his summation of the crossover. Like 4313B, a rebuild wasn't really worth the effort in the end.

I'd be interested to find out what others have done to improve their crossovers that could be applied to the XPL200A NX's.

Is the bypass switch truely bypassed?

I suppose the only other way is to build a new simple direct connect crossover for thr DX-1. If I ever sell the XPL's (not that I will :) ), I can put back the old pair.

Thanks for your help and advice in advance.