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Don McRitchie
10-26-2011, 06:00 PM
This thread is meant to be the start of a project to develop a site specific FAQ that will replace the generic Vbulletin FAQ that is accessed from the header above. The credit for this initiative belongs to Grumpy who made a significant effort in 2008 to get the ball rolling and his work resulted in a substantial start. Unfortunately, it subsequently languished and my hope is that by giving this initiative a higher and ongoing profile we can get it in a more comprehensive state.

Mr. Widget restarted this initiative in the Forum Feedback board earlier this month, but I think it is apparent that board doesn't see enough traffic for awareness and participation by the larger forum community. Therefore, I am moving this initiative to the Lansing General forum for now, even though it's not entirely in keeping with that forum's purpose.

I'm a believer in starting at a high level and then working down into details so we don't get mired in detail right off the top. Therefore, I have the following suggested process. Let's try to gain consensus on the broad topics that we think the FAQ should focus on. From there, we can break each topic area into subtopics. We can then populate each sub topic with relevant questions. The last step is then either pointing to previous posts that answered these questions, or in the absence of this, develop specific answers.

I definitely want to preserve the work that Grumpy started so that we don't go back to square one. To that end, click on the following link to see the current state of that work:


To get this initiative started, I am copying just the topic structure that Grumpy started into this thread and I would like to evolve this into an overall framework for the FAQ.

Looking for Information
Replacement Parts

The first question is whether this represents a comprehensive list of the topics that would be relevant in a FAQ. I think there is opportunity for a number of further topics, but I'll let others weigh in with their ideas first. For each topic, there needs to be a definition of the scope of questions each one covers since there seems to be the potential for overlap (i.e. Repairing/Modifying has a degree of overlap with Replacement Parts). These definitions only need to be one or two sentences in length. Nonetheless, if you are submitting suggestions for new topics, please ensure that you include the definition of that topic.

This is as far as I'll take this post for now. It's time for your feedback on the approach as we develop a plan to move forward.

Don McRitchie
10-27-2011, 06:25 AM
Project May question moved here:


Please keep this thread on topic.

10-27-2011, 11:00 AM
I could see splitting Repair/Modify into Restore and DIY areas
having clearer definitions... possibly an analogous split for parts (stock vs. aftermarket).

Nothing is sacred about this list; just what I recalled as being fairly regular questions.

Revisiting the welcome section (e.g., how to post pictures, including current limits,
and timeframe for editing/deleting posts) might be worth updating. Also a plain
statement about the site's raison d'Ítre in the welcome area.

For me, it's something like this:

We're here to have a good time, learn a few things, share with others ...
mostly as relates to James B. Lansing's Heritage in regard to consumer (hi-fi) and pro audio history,
knowledge, and enjoyment. There is a clear bias toward older equipment and information,
but also interest and motivation in pursuing cutting-edge products and DIY
undertakings. Poke around. Ask questions. Wear a thick skin (it's the Internet). Enjoy.