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06-15-2003, 08:06 PM
I pulled the low driver out of that "Altec Lansing" 312. The flimsiest Harmann Kardboard 12" 18 ga. frame they made (one would hope) and a wimpy (10 oz. ?) ceramic magnet with "Super high-temperature pure copper voice coils". 22 ga. wire connecting "a multiple element dividing network to maintain precise frequency distribution" consisting of a hot-melt glued coil and a cap or two.
The surrounds have mostly disintegrated after 20 years. They actually still sound fairly good for what they were and cost at the time. I don't mind listening to them for hours. I don't say that about 75% of what I've heard, and that includes units well above my best budget.
I'd go for a Radio Shackish UPgrade, but even they don't sell a lightweight 12" woof woof any more. No budget for real drivers much less better cabinets at present. Tough to match efficient bargain drivers to suit these days.
Can a shop glue a new surround on these?
Martin W.

Tom Loizeaux
06-16-2003, 05:38 AM
Orange County Speaker Repair has replacement foam surrounds for many, many speaker types. They are, of course, in Orange County!


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06-16-2003, 07:27 AM

If you're in to doing it yourself, you might try Rick Cobb at rcobb@tampabay.rr.com - great guy recommended on this Forum before.

He's on eBay as "looneytune2001". His JBL kits are excellent, and have great instructions. I can't know if he stocks Altec surrounds (but I need to find that out myself!! ;) ) He's quick to reply to email.

And, IMHO any Altec basket and cone is heads-above low-grade replacements. Alternatively, you might look for a similar frequency range used Altec (or JBL) on eBay to go in that baffle opening. I don't know Altec parts, so can't suggest anything.

06-16-2003, 06:08 PM
The $30/pr. DIY foam kit is tempting, but... don't see how I could accurately center the cone OD while getting the glue set w/o a jig or something. Such a cone support would be quite helpful during the old foam's removal, I would think, to prevent bobbin/coil damage. A local shop will do the foam for $30 each. Pro-installed foam should be good for 15 years more.
Pulled a midrange driver just for grins. Its magnet is nearly as big and strong-- a real collector item! of steel tools, that is. They are the sound's heart, after all, and coo like a dove. Tweeters still tweet like finches at dusk. Will keep these babies factory stock. :cool:
Thanx again for the help. :)
Martin W.

06-16-2003, 06:42 PM
Pick your "local shop" carefully. If that's your plan, go to Orange County Speaker Repair - they'll treat you right and have factory authorized replacement parts (allow no substitutes!). :mad:

06-16-2003, 08:42 PM
O.C. is a 6-8 hour drive from here. That or shipping is not practical for me. That quote was from a used equipment dealer here. I will also check w/ Santa Cruz Sound. They are a pro rental/sales outfit. I have talked with their tech about speakers before. He is a real conehead.
They let me RTA a few PA monitors before purchase. They did push their 12" house brand floors with a big midrange hump "for more vocal power w/ less feedback". Add a Shure sm58 and you'd have a bell curve. No thanks. Got the Community cr?/sx?-35 15" 2-way floor monitors and mains. Ultra flat, fairly deep, and sparkly clean like PA should be. Another good sound for the money thing. Decent for home stereo. Perfect if you have black living room carpet to match. Somehow, I suspect my wife would not agree. Sold 'em to my former band members, anyway.
I prefer a balanced semi-sweet cone midrange that the Altec 312 does have. Phase matching is the key. A 5" cone bridges the slow woofer and fast tweeter well for a simple and cost-conscious design. Harmann did a nice job for the budget.
But seriously folks, in 1984, these woofers may have retailed @ $60 each max. Harmann made in Taiwan? Korea? cost of about $14.47 plus shipping.
They didn't even put a part number on 'em. Not sure if the pro shop will even bother with the foam job. Higher quality used replacements are a crap shoot for sensitivity and tone unless you A/B them. That's why God invented stereo, as Henry always said. I can try the A/B route at a this used shop who does swapouts and recones all the time. I know now what my options are much better than before.
Time for this one to go home,
Martin W.