View Full Version : Access for cleaning the trimmer level controls on the L-65 Jubal speaker system

10-07-2011, 03:33 PM
Lucky me! I own two pairs of the JBL L-65 Jubal, one pair of which I would like to sell locally.

I have never attempted to access the level controls for the tweeters, which are front-panel mounted, for cleaning purposes.

Someone once mentioned using a heat gun to soften up the adhesive behind the little square faceplates which cover them. Access to the potentiometers is apparently only via removal of these decorative thin plates.

I cannot find any other way to reach the rear of the controls in order to cleanse them, as they are somewhat intermittent now. I assume that you cannot remove them any other way. True?

Any suggestions?

I basically want to avoid ruining the delicate and thin metal plates through which the controls in question are mounted.

Thanks in advance!
Richard Links
Berkeley, CA